About DMCI

There is always a story behind every company, every service, and every brand. Telling that story needs to be accompanied with the right strategy, proper tools, and should mapped for the right audience and at the proper time to ultimately get that message across effectively.

The creative and dynamic team of Dominguez Marketing can help set the stage for your prominence by carefully drafting a sensible, extensive and timely public relations strategy that is most suited for your requirements. Our Team is highly equipped with key expertise and backed up with two decades of experience that will help the company tell their compelling story in the way it should be told: Compellingly, consistently and creatively.

Two Decades in the business has honed the Public Relations team with a clear set of values and shows its mettle in these key disciplines:

We deliver Powerful Communication Solutions that hit the mark, locking on to our client’s key targets to achieve the best possible results. We work like an extension of our client’s team, making sure we understand their needs and communication goals. We offer services such as: digital marketing and social networking campaigns, events management, activation, graphic design and creatives, lead generation, marketing collateral, database rental and database mining and overall marketing support. We are strategic thinkers and we can integrate various marketing tools to cater to your company’s needs.

Together with our events and marketing arm Events@Work – we offer various marketing tools to serve your company’s needs. It’s almost like outsourcing your marketing communications service to us.

Call us, we may be the right marketing partner for you.