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In nearly two decades of realizing extensive reach and efficient messaging for all types of business organizations—from start-ups to global industry leaders—Dominguez Marketing Communications, Inc. knows where it stands. That is, we are in a position to deliver what you need in effectively communicating with your stakeholders through a wide array of integrated marketing services.

At Dominguez, all your marketing communications needs are addressed—without the need of switching agencies to meet your requirements.

Our commitment to excellence lies on the level of trust we earned through the years as a provider of integrated marketing communications services to both local and international clients.  We know more about them, engage with them, and guide them through the intrinsic yet empowering process of getting the message across to their stakeholders and customers.

What do we offer? Only the best in mapping out and collaborating with you the most practical and effective communications strategy that fits your organization.

Public Relations

We set the stage for your prominence. We carefully craft a sensible, working public relations strategy that suits your needs and implemented by the most qualified and experienced professionals and experts in the industry.

Media Relations

We bridge ties between you and media. We bring the most respected and widely read print, broadcast, and online media institutions in the Philippines to hear, learn and propagate your message.

Strategic Marketing

We push your brand to all platforms possible. We offer the most comprehensive and engaging marketing strategy for you to gain foothold in your respective markets through traditional, digital and social media.


We plan, strategize, organize and hold events to enhance your market reach. Through our sister firm Events@Work, we take events management to a whole new level by conceptualizing and executing events, from the grandest of gatherings such as exhibits and conferences to the most intimate encounters like family days or planning seminars, that will further strengthen your engagement with internal teams, customers and stakeholders.

Editorial Services

We sharpen and enhance your editorial and content messaging to improve your marketing campaigns.  We support and improve text or Web content in all your corporate communications properties, marketing collaterals, and publicity materials.

Creative Services

We design awe-inspiring, attention grabbing creatives for your marketing campaigns, such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, and outdoor signages that will surely boost your brand.

Advertisement Media Buying

We make ads work for you. We make prime placement in the leading print broadsheets possible to further strengthen brand exposure and mileage.

As a PR agency, we can handle your public relations, media relations, strategic marketing, advertising, creative design, editorial services, and events..

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