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We’ll never know when an emergency will strike and as such, it is important that we’re ready anytime. And since our phones are one of the items that we never leave without, it would be perfect – and practical – if we have a phone that also works as a reliable emergency tool.


Luckily, we do not have to search far and wide for this as Sun rolls out the MyPhone My112 SOS Phone in its handset offerings. This latest offering from MyPhone is armed with a 2.3-inch screen and dual SIM capability – perfect for those who seek a durable handset for their simple connectivity needs. But more importantly, it is packed with features that will surely come in handy in times of emergency. And you can get it with a best value plan only from SUN


“This new offer is in line with our vision to provide practical options to our subscribers,” says Sun Vice President for Postpaid Marketing Joel Lumanlan. “We have always trumpeted the notion of getting more than what you pay for and we believe that our SOS phone offer best represents this promise to our subscribers. After all, we may face emergency situations any time of any day and it would be best to have a reliable tool to potentially help us face such incidents.”


And to make it more of a practical choice to our discerning public, this reliable and durable handset is available at Sun for free via Fixed Load Plan 199. Through this, Sun further makes it the ultimate emergency tool with 4 hours of Sun calls and texts, unlimited Sun texts, and SOS free emergency messaging.


The MyPhone My112 SOS Phone is perhaps one’s most useful tool in times of emergency similar to our ever reliable Swiss knife. It has a dedicated SOS button that triggers a siren sound, which is perfect as signaling device in times of danger. Nobody needs to panic during power outages as the phone is armed with a flashlight and its 6000 mAh battery can also double as a Powerbank. And on top of that, it also glows in the dark and is water resistant – perfect for the challenging conditions in times of disasters.


Clearly, it’s time to make a choice. With a handset that serves dual purpose as a durable handset and a reliable emergency response tool, it is available and powered by Sun’s best value plan for only P199 a month. Peace of mind and emergency readiness has never been this practical.


So what are you waiting for? Have the foresight to prepare and head to the nearest Sun Shop near you to avail of Sun’s MyPhone SOS offer. To know more about the best-value choices you can make when getting in touch with your friends and loved ones, visit [END]

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