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PHILIPPINES, 19 August 2018 – The Most talked-about Teleserye of Twitter Philippines in the first quarter has bid farewell to its fans on Twitter. A battle well-fought  for “Lakas” (@itsenriquegil) and “Ganda” (@lizasoberano) as their fantasy-drama series #Bagani (@OfficialBagani) ended last night. The show generated 26 million Tweets since its premiere in March 2018. The final episode #BAGANIHulingLaban generated over 520,000 related-Tweets; proving Filipinos inclination for local fantasy folklores.

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As a live communication platform, the Bagani audience gathered every night on Twitter to talk about #WhatsHappening in every episode since its pilot. Here are the top 5 most Tweeted episodes:

 1. March 5, 2018 (600K Tweets) – #UnangSabakngBagani

This is the pilot episode of Bagani that left a lot of people in awe with its amazing special effects to introduce the magical world of Sansinukob. Everyone didn’t expect how beautiful the production of Bagani until this episode came despite the controversies the teleserye faced.

2. August 17, 2018 (460K Tweets) – #BAGANIHulingLaban

The show finale didn’t fail to shock its viewers with its modern-day twist. Towards the end of the episode, Liks,i played by Zaijan Pajarilla (@zjanjaranilla), was transported to the modern world. He bumped to people closely resembling Ganda, @lizasoberano and Lakas, @itsenriquegil, who appeared to be baffled when Liksi called them by their names.

3. March 14, 2018 (250k Tweets) – #AngSimulangDigmaansaBAGANI

As this episode shows how the conflict arises in Sansinukob, the Twitterverse were shooked especially with Lakas and Lakam’s fight scene that showed an action-packed roles to @itsenriquegil and Mateo @mateoguidicelli, including @lizasoberano that proved they are more than just pretty faces.

4. March 21, 2018 (214k Tweets) – #SiBabaylanNgBAGANI

As the Bagani meet the great babaylan of Sansinukob, the people are all amazed and laugh on the funny character of Babaylan Gloria played by Dimples Romana (@DimplesRomana) and expressed their joy to Dimples as she asked on how’s her 1st day as Babaylan Gloria.

5. March 22, 2018 (214k Tweets) – #ApoatSarimawNgBAGANI

This is another episode that continued to amazed the people not only on the fight scene between Apo and Sarimaw but also the video effects created for the dragon. The Video-maker itself, Andreo Magno (@andreomagno) thank a lot of people on Twitter for their appreciation of his work.

This fantaserye has been one of the much-awaited teleserye everyday that made people stay updated on #WhatsHappening on Twitter. Fans have been following the stories of their favorite characters. Some of the Most Tweeted characters for Bagani are Lakas and Ganda who were the main characters of the teleserye. Followed by their fellow Bagani Liksi which is the comeback character of Zaijan Jaranilla (@zjanjaranilla), Lakam an action-packed role for @mateoguidicell) and Bagani’s ultimate villain, Sarimaw played by Ryan Eigenmann (@Itlogenmann421)

Days before its epic finale, @TwitterPH did a quick poll for netizens to look back on their favorite moments like the ‘Pamatay na Galawan’ dance craze and #GaLakMoments including their expected finale of Bagani.

Ganda and Lakas continuously filled our evenings with kilig since day 1. LizQuen has surely won the hearts of their fans all over again from Forevermore to Bagani as they reminisced their most favorite #GaLakMoment.

Aside from the loveteam of #GaLak, the trending “Pamatay na Galawan” dance craze has left the Bagani audience amazed especially when other Bagani did their own versions. Fans chose their bet “Pamatay na Galawan” version between the original Babaylan Gloria, the sakit-ng-tiyan version of Lakam, the Boom boom version of Ganda and the hot version of Lakas.

#BAGANIHulingLaban showed a happy ending for Lakas and Ganda having a beautiful family. But a major plot twist left the people shocked and hang with the crossover dimensions from Sansinukob to the modern world.

As the show ended, many poured out their emotions on Twitter. LizQuen fans were happy with how the team ended the story of Lakas and Ganda, giving Liza Soberano (@lizasoberano) and Enrique Gil (@itsenriquegil) an opportunity to play remarkable leading roles in the fantaserye.

Despite their mixed emotions, everybody commended the team and the actors for their performance and the amount of passion they’ve put into this project including the learnings they earned from the teleserye of the importance of love and prayer in the midst of challenges.

Indeed, our quality of TV viewing habit has elevated to greater heights and sharing our views and opinion on Twitter has become a habit. Share us your thoughts on the epic finale of Bagani by Tweeting with #BAGANIHulingLaban and be sure to be updated on #WhatsHappening to your favorite shows by joining the conversation on Twitter.

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