MANILA, Philippines 23 August 2018 – When something happens in the world, it happens on Twitter and hashtag has helped to let everyone know #WhatsHappening. Today marks the 11th birthday of the trending symbol that unites everyone on Twitter. For 11 years, Filipinos have been very creative in using hashtag that led to a lot of record-breaking hashtags that trended not only in the Philippines, but also around the world. With hashtag, even the people from far-flung areas are able to connect and share their own Twitter moments.


As we celebrate the 11th year of hashtag, check out how Filipinos have been using this symbol on Twitter.


For Brand Campaign (#CokeStudioPH, #NationalBreakfastDay)

Being a public platform, Twitter has been the best place to communicate your brand message to target audience real time and be part of the conversation. The conversations about these brands are driven by hashtags that led to a lot of people joining and Tweeting about it. Brands like Mcdonalds (@McDo_PH) and Coca-Cola (@CocaColaPH) are some of the brands who create unique hashtags to promote their campaigns on Twitter.


For Entertainment

From Tweeting reactions on the latest episode of teleseryes, counting down to movie premieres and sharing movie reviews, to sharing memorable concerts moments,; hashtag has been the powerful symbol that unites all fans to express their love and support for their idols.

From love teams to Kpop groups, Filipinos have always dominated the Twitterverse with specific hashtags to express love and support (sometimes also feedback) to their idols. No wonder Filipinos got a world record for the phenomenal #AlDubEBTamangPanahon with a total of 41 million Tweets back in 2015.

Twitter has always been a significant part in Philippines’ entertainment scene. The official hashtags for concerts have helped Filipinos to share and remember their favorite moments in these memorable events. It also helps #TeamBahay and #TeamLabas to experience the concert thrills real time.

Aside from concerts, everyone will always be updated on the upcoming movies as fans set countdowns until the premiere with the use of hashtags to support their favorite artists like JaDine’s #NeverNotLoveYou and the upcoming KathNiel movie #TheHowsOfUs. Twitter is also the personal blog of Filipinos as they share personal movie reviews and opinions that leave others curious, while also encouraging them to watch the movies like in the recent #Cinemalaya2018 festival.

From pilot episodes to finale, Filipinos will never forget to support and share their moments about their favorite shows and teleseryes on Twitter. Official hashtags for shows and teleserye episodes has become a norm in the entertainment industry which helps people see and join the conversation, especially if you missed some of the episodes.

For National News and Updates

People have utilized the use of Hashtag to easily update the public on What’s Happening around the country. Media organizations has also actively use the platform for real-time news and updates.

Traffic is a usual problem in the Philippines, and unified hashtags have been created to provide real-time traffic updates. The use of hashtag has also encouraged Filipinos to share sentiments of some important topics like the recent High-Occupancy Vehicle scheme, Grab-Uber crisis, etc.

Filipinos are always involved in conversation about politics and the use of hashtags has united them in sharing views and opinions towards the recent news and updates about the government. Hashtags are also used in national events, especially when it is necessary for nationwide awareness, like the #PHElections and the annual State of the Nation Address of the President (#SONA2018).

As a tropical country that experiences a lot of typhoons in a year, real-time news and updates are very important when it comes to what people should prepare for evacuation, emergencies and disaster response. Unified hashtags for disaster response and updates have been very useful to inform the public on #WhatsHappening and what to do next. These hashtags also encourage people to help the organization who asks for assistance and immediate response to the needs of the people.

For Social, Political and Cultural Live Events

Capturing moments in every celebrations and movements have always been a habit of Filipinos. With the use of Hashtag, Filipino communities’ voices are amplified as they express their pride on Twitter through advocacies, competitions and national celebrations.

National Celebrations have been considered by Filipinos as days where they can also express their views and opinions, and Twitter has been the go-to platform for conversation and helping people to #SeeEverySide of certain topics through hashtags. They even make it more memorable by creating funny and creative antics like the #RP612fic for #IndependenceDay

On the ground rallies for social movements have been brought to Twitter and the voices are much louder on the platform with the help of hashtags. Words are indeed powerful, and using hashtags amplify these messages to make everyone aware of the importance of the issues and let others from different places join the movement using the hashtag on Twitter.

Filipinos are competitive not only in national or international competitions but also in becoming on top of the trends worldwide. Aside from updates on the competitions, hashtags are used for voting contests and expressing the #FilipinoPride all the way from #MissUniversePH, #BinibiningPilipinas and for this year’s Asian Games with #LabanPilipinas

Hashtag symbol that just started to be used for topic categorization on Twitter is more than just a trending symbol. It’s a vital symbol that unites people to create conversations and help spread awareness. With hashtag, Twitter has become the platform to find out and share #WhatsHappening; not only in the Philippines, but also around the world. Here’s to more years of using hashtags!



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