MMORPG is back! It’s the resurgence old gamers are welcoming and new gamers are excited to see more of, and it has begun with Ragna Festival held on Sunday, May 7, 2017.Ragna Festival 9


Ragna Festival was the first Ragnarok Online gaming event in years and it was true to its promise to be the most memorable yet.


The event was welcomed by a swarm of gamers, enthusiasts, and long-time fans, from different parts of the country. They waited hours in line for awesome freebies and the chance to win minor and major prizes from Ragnarok Online.


Hosted by Betong Sumaya and Arianne, the event started with raffling off collectibles right away. Ragna Festival featured some very creative community-made headgears, inspired fan arts, and impressive master pieces entered into a Cosplay contest.


Popular bands Imago and Sandwich joined in the fun and treated fans to nostalgic sets. The music was followed by a huge announcement everyone has waited the whole day for.


Gravity Co. Ltd., the developers of the popular MMORPG graced the event, together with their regional and local publishers, Electronics Extreme and Elite Global Sourcing Inc., respectively.

Electronics Extreme currently owns the publishing rights to Ragnarok Online in Asia and ELITE is the Philippine publishing partner.


Gravity COO Kitamura Yoshinori, Electronics Extreme COO Rithirong Kaewvicheara, and ELITE’s CEO Johnny Paek officially announced that they are re-releasing Ragnarok Online Philippines. The crowd were hyped up to get their hands on the server and play the game for hours on end, again.


The Festival ended with giving out remaining minor prizes and a major prize from the raffle.


Ragnarok Online’s history

Everyone who’s been playing online games, from 2003 to date, remembers Ragnarok Online. It’s the first full MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games) that Filipinos sank their teeth into. It’s why it’s called the pioneer of Filipino MMORPGs.


The game introduced Filipinos to the world of gaming adventure and competition created lifelong friendships. It also sparked the internet cafe revolution and opened the door for gaming cosplay in the country. It went on to be so popular that Ragnarok Online was made into a 26-episode anime series. Ragnarok Online is loosely based on a manhwa  (Korean Manga),  Ragnarok


Ragnarok Online is back

According to a popular Taiwanese game web site, Ragnarok ranked number 1 as the most popular game in Taiwan and Thailand. Very soon, it’ll be the number 1 game in Indonesia and in the Philippines.


Ragnarok Online has enjoyed a resurgence through its renaissance in Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. Since it was launched in 2003, close to 10 million people played the game in the Philippines.


For more details and updates on the game, visit the Ragnarok Online Philippine page at https://ragnarokonline.com.ph/


Gravity Co. Ltd

Gravity was established in April 2000, and listed on the NASDAQ as a global online game company. GRAVITY is widely known for its successful development of the internationally acclaimed MMORPG title, Ragnarok Online, and is also developing and servicing a full lineup of next-generation game titles including the sequel Ragnarok Online II, Requiem which will continue the success of Ragnarok Online in the years to come. Also, GRAVITY is strengthening its publishing business by providing a wide variety of renowned game titles to our users based on the company’s powerful global network. For more information, visit www.gravity.co.kr


Extreme Electronics

Electronics Extreme Ltd. is an online entertainment service provider founded in 2014 with the goal of becoming a leading gaming provider with a team of experienced gaming entrepreneurs and gamers who understand the needs of fellow gamers. We aim to implement our policy of selecting and launching quality games and creating a community of gamers, internet cafe operators and partners in businesses associated with the gaming industry such as resellers of prepaid cards, media in the gaming industry, internet data center, and internet service provider (ISP). For more information, visit http://extreme.co.th


ELITE Global Sourcing Inc.

ELITE GLOBAL SOURCING (ELITE) is an international Game Management Solutions Provider based in the Philippines with our corporate headquarter located in the United States. We provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) solutions to Game Publishers worldwide. Headquartered in California, ELITE and its predecessor have been in the Philippines outsourcing and offshoring scene for nearly a decade, as the premier outsourcing destination for Game Publishers in multiple genres ranging from Massively Multiplayer Online, First-Person Shooter, Web browser, Mobile, Social Network and Console games. Since then, we have continued to build an impressive client portfolio with our extensive industry knowledge and operational expertise. For more information, visit http://elitegsl.com

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