In creating noteworthy PR strategies, it’s important to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve for your brand. Any public relations agency would note that that one simple idea can be enough, if the big picture is painted well with rationale and clear-cut execution.

In a market cluttered with other brands’ public relations efforts, you must consider a PR campaign strategy that not only suits your brand’s vision, but delivers your message straight to your target audience.

We listed 4 PR strategies that could lead you to the right direction and might serve as as inspiration for your next campaign:


Leverage on data and information unique to your business


Information is power. Data that is unique to your business instantly gives you an advantage. Whether it’s growth statistics, business impact, earnings, consumer traction, funding, surveys, whitepapers, or studies – any data that shares an outlook of your business and best practices gives your audience a better understanding on what your brand is about and how you conduct your business.

This was the PR strategy of Waze when they released their Waze Driver Satisfaction Index for 2017, an annual index that analyzes the driving experience of millions of monthly active Waze users in 39 countries and 217 metros. The index highlighted the Philippines was the worst place to drive in Southeast Asia. In the same release, Filipino drivers were revealed to be dissatisfied with the traffic jam length, commute time and helpfulness of the driving community.


Bank on content


Following the strategy on data, releases could be more appealing to the intended audience if they can relate to the material. Enter storytelling. They say that public relations is what people say about you when you’re not around. Content holds the power to inform, persuade, convince, and compel, thus making content the most powerful pitch letter per se.

As an example, Smart Communications – one of the Philippines’ leading mobile networks – launched the  Smart Millenniors Program. It’s aimed to teach our elders the basics of communication online and applications they can enjoy, like YouTube and Facebook. Student volunteers became teachers to the ‘millenniors’ (a wordplay on millennials + seniors), which showcased the reversed roles of the youth to their elderly. Smart shared the announcement just in time for Mother’s Day, touching many hearts while highlighting the brand’s vision of connecting every individual and bringing their technology to all.


Choose your influencers


It’s about time we welcome the idea that influencers are here to stay. Choosing the right one however, could either make or break your campaign.

When you choose to go down this PR strategy, you’ve got to have a great understanding of the market you want to target before choosing an influencer with that specific audience. When you are able to strike a good working relationship, your collaboration will definitely leave an impact on your preferred audiences.

For Carousell, the online listing app, it was a sure PR strategy to bring in influencers to encourage more people to sell their stuff on the application. Recently, they partnered with Bloggers United 2018 and Kryz Uy (@kryzzzie), a fashion and lifestyle blogger and influencer, to introduce a guide to style during the rainy season.


The (social media) new age


Social media has proven to be the fastest way of communication. Enterprises quickly latched on to the platform to roll out their digital marketing and online marketing strategies. This opportunity, though vast and varied, is also saturated and almost everyone that’s anyone is trying to sell you something – if not their products, then themselves.

Social media is a long way from becoming the only way to connect. It has become a trove information, both necessary and unnecessary. And if you’re looking to start your first online marketing campaign, you’ll need to have a grasp of what works online and what doesn’t. Using social media as your next PR strategy should be calculated risk, too, since there is not sure formula to measure the return of investment. You might have a compelling message you want to tell online, but you’ll have to back it up with killer content.

Getting your message across is a lot of work, but having the right PR strategies can help your business in a major way. You just need to find the right one.

Any other PR agency can come up with PR strategies, but if you’re looking for something consistent, creative, and compelling – you just found it.

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