Manila, 22 July 2020 – Being a marketer in the middle of a pandemic is not an easy feat. The once laid out plans were now shelved that marketers found themselves asking: is it an appropriate time to launch a new product? What tone should I use to speak to my audience?

It’s important for brands to take action, use their influence to help, and be proper in their approach. As Filipinos go to Twitter to share their sentiments, it also becomes an essential tool for brands to jumpstart their efforts.

Here are 7 of the best practices of how brands are using Twitter to lead the way in the Philippines:

  1. Lead by listening
    Globally, only 8% of Twitter users think that brands should stop advertising due to the pandemic, this is because people would like to know their options as they shop and stock up on basic necessities.7 strategies on how brands are leading the way in the Philippines
    Moreover, 93% of Filipinos on Twitter echo that brands should be providing practical information while 88% want brands to pledge aid, and 91% call for brands to give flexible payment terms on bills. Brands should take note of these insights to have direction and give timely responses. The pandemic might leave brands speechless–but they can find their voice back through listening.

  2. Lead with purpose
    Your business exists for the purpose of serving people with your product or service. But apart from that, your brand is an identity in which people hope to see a positive example, especially during this challenging time. To lead with purpose, remember 3Ps:

    • Purpose – Identify what role you play in consumers’ lives.
    • People – Discover how you can support your communities.
    • Pledge – Give back and align it to your products and services.

  3. Lead by example
    Brands must uphold transparency. Even 89% of Filipino Twitter users agree that brands should show how they are helping their customers and other relevant responses during the pandemic. A leader is a figure that people look up to, so here are some do’s and don’ts on how to set a right example for others:

    • Provide useful information to help people navigate uncertainty and remain calm.
    • Broadcast any initiatives you’ve launched that address issues customers have raised.


    • Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
    • Don’t hide your attempts to generate profits from the situation.
    • Don’t shun interactions with frustrated customers.

  4. Lead with something new
    With news about the pandemic and its effect on the economy, brands are also becoming aware and careful about addressing such issues and sensitivities. They can respond to the call by offering a new product or service that can help people, but its launch and execution are the crucial parts that must be appropriate and mindful. Here are five keys to consider before launching something new:

    1. Listen before you launch.
    2. Own your voice and find the right tone.
    3. Influence > reach. Look for quality, not quantity.
    4. Go big on the reveal.
    5. Prepare to pivot.

  5. Lead by connecting
    Listening is essential but connecting with your audience is another proactive way to extend your brand and relevance. Stay in the loop by knowing the trends among your audience and connect with them through these topics.All of this time spent indoors is leading people to explore new areas of interest. For example, the daily volume of Tweets about sports in the Philippines increased by +161% (Q1 2020 vs. Q1 2019). With the idea that Filipinos are into sports nowadays, brands are given an insight into what content or approach to take to get people’s attention. Find innovative ways of connecting –create a virtual event, tap into national occasions or celebrations, or explore interest to open doors for people to connect with you.

  6. Lead with agility
    From “business unusual,” brands must forge ahead to adapt and thrive in the new normal. As routines and lifestyles around us evolve, so does your brand’s content strategy. Starting from a clean slate can be challenging, so here are 3 ways to beef up your digital marketing plan:

    • Be resourceful and repurpose old assets into new ones.
    • Tap creators and influencers to produce fresh content.
    • Rethink live events. Go virtual.

  7. Lead with positivity
    In a time when news can be disheartening, it’s a helpful lift that brands are staying optimistic to share the message of hope and positivity among Filipinos. A simple act of gesture, such as a Tweet, can brighten someone’s day. Share positive content, create new and unique experiences, and tap on what makes them happy such as their hobbies, interests, or leisure activities.

With these noteworthy practices, we hope that more brands will be inspired with fresh ideas on how to carry on and help the Filipino people in these challenging times. A conversation can spark a difference, so Tweet on and lead the way.

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