Alyssa Valdez PR agency Philippines You hear the name and all you can think of is a three-time MVP, volleybelle-slash-phenom who has been dominating the courts of the UAAP and other volleyball tournaments here and abroad. For Team USANA Pilipinas member Alyssa Valdez, volleyball is no longer her comfort-zone but her life—her continual dedication to the sport even as she left college is evident in the victories she shared with her team, the Ateneo Lady Eagles.

Yet no matter how exponential her rise to fame was, Alyssa is always known for her humble demeanor and her charming candor, both she attributes to the long hours she spends training with her team mates.

“Training hard is very humbling for me,” she smiles “fame can easily eat up any person and dull their talent—it makes them feel they are invincible. But I’m glad whenever I train because every muscle I tire, every breath I fail to catch at times remind me I am very much human and I need to train harder. It makes me more open to learn new things especially when I train with team mates.”

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Alyssa also believes that part of her drive to train hard is the inspiration she gets from her fellow USANA ambassadors. “I look up to all of them,” she beams “they are all excellent in their respective sports and I want to serve as the same beacon of inspiration to up and coming athletes as they still are to me. They inspire me to continue stretching my limits and strive to continue reinventing the best me I can be.”

The multi-awarded athlete is used to the physical stresses her rigorous training serves her—deep dives, arm-bending spikes, and jolted leaps are all part of the menu and Alyssa copes with all of them through proper nutrition.

“I take USANA’s Essentials as my daily dose of vitamins. I noticed how it helps me feel energized and refreshed when I wake up every morning,” she said “I also take Proflavanol for my heart because it’s also good for the immune system. I’ve always believed that prevention is the cure to anything that ails the body especially since there’s no escaping them since I am an athlete.”

A true believer in how good health can radically improve her play, Alyssa insists on providing her body with essential vitamins and minerals that will help her up her game. “I discovered USANA through my team mates in Ateneo that were taking their vitamins. I didn’t want to gamble on my health by taking just any ‘supplement’ out there, and when I saw how well USANA was working for my friends I opted to try them out as well.”

Impressed with the results she was enjoying through Essentials, Alyssa happily agreed to stand as one of the top athletes who serve as ambassadors for USANA. “I’m really glad that they renewed my contract. The team is like family to me and their products are my diet’s bread and butter. I can’t believe I’ve been supported by them for three years now and I’m definitely looking forward to the next years I’ll be playing as an ambassador for Team USANA Pilipinas,” she said.

Despite out of her collegiate comfort zone, Alyssa’s career as a volleyball player is bright as various companies are grappling with each other to recruit her in their teams. She is also eyed as one of the players of the Philippines’ national team who will represent the country in international competitions.

But Alyssa feels no pressure at all, she rests well knowing that in the end, the health she’s been taking care of will take care of her and her play once out in the court.

Working hard and training hard have stopped feeling like a routine for Alyssa and this has allowed her to come out strong after every game—win or lose—all with a smile on her face.

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