Deciding where to go marks the most stressful part of travel for Filipinos, as highlighted in a recent survey commissioned by flight comparison site Skyscanner on the views of international travellers on which elements of travel were the most stressful.
The international survey of over 20,000 respondents from 12 countries around the world in Europe, Asia and beyond was conducted to find the most stressful travel factors when planning a trip.
As a worldwide average, the most stressful element of a trip was deciding where to go, which took 30% of the vote, followed by the airport experience (25%), and the search for cheap flights with 24%.
More specifically, consensus showed that travellers from Brazil, India and the UK voted airports, with their queues and security checks, as the number one stress factor. Meanwhile, Indonesians selected choosing a destination and finding cheap flights as its main source of stress when travelling, sharing the same sentiments as with the travellers from the Philippines.
Destination where?

In the Philippines, about 64% of respondents said they were stressed out in deciding where to go. This is perhaps not surprising, considering that there are more than 7,100 islands in the country alone to explore, plus other key tourist destinations in neighbouring countries and the rest of the world.


This choice of destinations available was also evident in the top 20 destinations that Filipinos have so far searched for in 2012, which included locations within the Philippines; followed by Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Other target destinations included the United States of America, and neighbour countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and South Korea.
Finding cheap flights fell second as a stress factor for the Filipino traveller, with around 21% selecting scampering for affordable flights. While the last couple of years saw how airfares in the country have gone considerably low with promos, scoring a true-blue cheap flight without hidden charges could still be tiring, and therefore stressful.
Meanwhile, securing visas, passports and other vital travel documents came third most stressful for Filipinos, garnering 6% of the survey pie.


Janet Ranola, Market Development Manager for Skyscanner in the Philippines, said that the results of the survey for the Philippines only shows the need for a quick and easy travel tool that would ease them of these stress elements.


“With most of the countries surveyed highlighting the search for cheap flights as one of main source of stress for many travellers, the need for the best value-for-money deals becomes essential,” she said. “This is what Skyscanner is all about: we are here to help travellers around the world by providing them with the most affordable travel deals.”


Ranola added that Skyscanner’s flexible search options would be able to help travellers fix their itineraries and manage their travel budgets with just a click of a mouse, giving them a wide range of options for destination, transfers and accommodations.


“It has been our main goal to provide our customers with the cheapest way to travel from where you are, to wherever you want to go,” she said.


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