New XtremSF Flash Cards Deliver Record 1.13 Million IOPS, 2X Faster Throughput, and 58% Better TCO Than Other Offerings; XtremIO All-Flash Array Shipping to Select Customers



HOPKINTON, Mass.  – March , 2013

News Summary:

·          – EMC announces new Xtrem Family of Flash products, extending its server Flash leadership.

·         – New EMC XtremSF Flash cards dramatically accelerates application performance, achieving a record 1.13 million IOPS and delivering 2X higher throughput.

·         – New XtremSF delivers new levels of efficiency, reducing CPU utilization by up-to 50%, and providing 58% better total cost of ownership (TCO) than other offerings.

·         – EMC ships the EMC XtremIO all-Flash storage array to select customers.

·         – EMC unveils new software Flash strategy and upcoming EMC XtremSW Suite to manage Flash across the data center.

 Full Story:

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced the EMC® Xtrem™ Family of Flash-optimized server and storage products and introduced a new line of EMC XtremSF™ PCIe-based Flash cards that dramatically accelerate application performance. With the addition of XtremSF, EMC continues delivering the industry’s only best-of-breed portfolio of Flash products.

XtremSF is server Flash hardware, available in a broad set of eMLC and SLC capacities. It can be deployed as either direct attached storage (DAS) that sits within the server to deliver high performance—or it can be deployed in combination with EMC XtremSW™ Cache (formerly EMC VFCache™) server caching software to turbocharge network storage array performance while maintaining the level of protection required by mission-critical application environments. XtremSF joins EMC’s growing portfolio of extreme-performance Flash products, which include Flash optimized hybrid storage arrays – EMC Isilon®, EMC VMAX® and EMC VNX®, as well as the EMC XtremIO (formerly Project X) all-Flash scale-out enterprise storage array.

Today EMC also announced the release of XtremIO™ to select customers. XtremIO™ is purpose built to leverage Flash and deliver new levels of real-world performance, administrative ease, and advanced data services. Its scale-out architecture delivers higher levels of “functional IOPS” to applications that require high levels of random I/O performance, such as OLTP databases, server virtualization and VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure). Functional IOPS are measured under the real-world operating conditions found in today’s demanding production environments with all data services enabled and operating while filled nearly to capacity.

In these real-world conditions, the XtremIO system exceeds 150K functional 4K mixed read/write IOPS, and 250K functional 4K read IOPS for each ‘X-Brick’ (the scale-out building blocks for the XtremIO array), and over 1.2 million functional 4K mixed read/write IOPS, and 2 million functional 4K read IOPS when scaled out to a cluster of eight X-Bricks. The XtremIO array delivers this level of performance with consistent sub-millisecond response times while running the industry’s richest set of integrated and Flash-optimized data services including Flash-specific data protection, thin provisioning, global inline data reduction, accelerated VMware provisioning through VAAI, and writeable snapshots.

XtremSF Technology Highlights:

The XtremSF Family of server-based PCIe Flash cards deliver customers with:

·       Leading Performance: TheXtremSF Flash devices are proven to deliver a record 1.13 million IOPS in a standard form factor—an achievement unmatched in the industry. The XtremSF device’s next generation design delivers 2X higher throughput than other offerings in the market to enhance real-world workloads in Web scale and other applications.

 ·    Unmatched Flexibility: TheXtremSF Flash device is available in a broad range of eMLC (550 GB and 2.2 TB) and SLC (350 GB and 700 GB) capacities. In addition, when deployed with XtremSW Cache intelligent server Flash caching software, XtremSF devices can be leveraged as a caching device for accelerated performance with array protection for applications such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange.

·     New Levels of Efficiency: TheXtremSF Flash devices deliver customers the industry’s lowest TCO—up-to 58% better TCO than other offerings. All XtremSF products, including the 2.2TB offering, are standard half-height, half-length 25w PCIe cards—providing the highest storage capacity in the smallest footprint for maximum performance, best density, and lowest power consumption—reducing CPU utilization by up-to 50%.

EMC Flash Software Strategy

In 2012, EMC delivered XtremSW Cache (formerly VFCache). This was the first step in EMC’s long-term server Flash strategy, delivering a server-side storage product featuring a combination of software running on SLC-based PCIe Flash devices. This software turned the server Flash DAS into a cache, enhancing the performance of a wide variety of mission-critical transactional and decision support applications.  With this announcement, XtremSW Cache can now run with a wide variety of eMLC and SLC XtremSF Flash cards.

In the future, EMC will deliver a broad, device-independent Flash software suite—the EMC XtremSW Suite. This new software suite will deliver more caching capabilities, in addition to offering advanced data services to Flash as memory and Flash as DAS. The XtremSW Suite will provide customers with capabilities such as pooling, cache coherency, deeper EMC storage array integration and specific enhancements for VMware environments in the future.

Availability and Services 

XtremSF 550 GB and 2.2 TB eMLC capacities are currently available globally. EMC expects to make 700 GB and 1.4 TB capacities available on EMC price lists in the second quarter of 2013. EMC will extend the XtremSF family with even higher capacity offerings in the future.

EMC Global Services enables customers to accelerate their XtremSF and XtremSW Cache infrastructure deployments. Leveraging EMC’s assessment and implementation, customers can identify the server-centric applications and workloads that will most benefit from EMC Flash, and create XtremSF and XtremSW Cache deployment strategies that deliver the greatest performance benefit and return for their environment.

Customer Quotes:

Jake Bogie, Vice President IT, SureSource 

SureSource operates independent online stores for some of the world’s most recognized brands—including Hershey’s, Budweiser, and Coca Cola. Performance is an absolute requirement for us. Today, we use XtremSW Cache with XtremSF SLC cards with our VNX unified storage to accelerate our mission-critical Microsoft SQL Server application. The performance is astonishing, enabling us to deliver premier customer service. We’ve seen average overall performance increases of 385% in our annual physical inventory process, 420% in our month-end accounting closure process, and 225% in daily processes. We also recently began testing the new XtremSF MLC cards in our mySQL environment. The read and write IOPS and latencies are incredible under such an intensive workload.  The outstanding performance metrics we have achieved from EMC’s server Flash technologies reinforces our decision to build out an all-EMC IT infrastructure in the coming years.”

Brian Dougherty, Chief Data Warehouse Architect, CMA

“At CMA, our mainline businesses are highly dependent on exemplary performance and reliability from our Oracle data warehouse environments. Using XtremIO we are able to engineer our Oracle RAC systems to be faster, more scalable, and handle more concurrent users, while at the same time requiring only 20% of the previous footprint in our data center.  We’ve identified immediate storage cost savings of nearly $500K by leveraging XtremIO and will achieve similar savings by reducing our Oracle CPU core license requirements since XtremIO nearly eliminates I/O wait time.  But perhaps the best part is the simplicity of the XtremIO system.  It was installed and running in a couple of hours and is very easy to configure and manage.”

Industry Analyst Quote:

Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

“Single point Flash solutions are an archaic approach to thinking about deploying Flash.  In order to drive real benefit across virtualized infrastructure where workloads are dynamic, users need to consider Flash that is just as dynamic. That means no point-only solutions. Instead, users need to think about a portfolio-approach to Flash—in the server, in the array, or as an all-Flash array—using intelligent software to leverage those assets. EMC has had this philosophy since it first entered the Flash game, and hasn’t wavered.”

EMC Executive Quote:

Zahid Hussain, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EMC Flash Products Division

“Flash technology is enabling new levels of application performance and is the single biggest consideration to how customers are architecting their data centers today. Today, we are delivering a market-leading and comprehensive portfolio of Flash solutions across a variety of customer use cases and requirements. Going forward, we are dedicated to providing increased value through flash-optimized software and systems to break the barriers of today’s infrastructure silos.”

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