Teach your children the importance of saving in an exciting way with Premiere Bank’s Young Savers. Specially designed for children and teens from 7 to 17 years old, it allows them to choose from either a passbook or ATM account with a free personalized ATM card. Your children’s photo or memorable moment can be placed on the card or select from any of the available attractive designs that will surely amuse them. Premiere Young Savers offers low opening and maintaining balance yet high interest earnings compared to regular savings account. Plus, parents with savings or current account can use Premiere Young Savers as an allowance card to transfer funds to their child’s account.

Secure your child’s money now and encourage discipline and healthy savings habit. For more information about Premiere Young Savers, contact the Branch Banking Group at 853-0394 to 96, 854-0526 or email mccd@premierebank.com.ph.