Do you feel stuck with your (old PC) relationship? Do you wish you can take it along with you but it’s bringing you down for being bulky, heavy and restrictive? Do you feel sore when your PC lags in performance because it does not sport the latest Intel chipset?


Being in a stale relationship sets you back in life – just like staying with your old PC device.  It’s time to put your personal computing experience back to life!  Discover the excitement of finding a new PC love and let Microsoft and Intel Philippines help you find devices that keeps pace with your lifestyle, lets you express your creativity, that are mobile and loves to travel around with you.


Here are just some of the lovable features that you can find in these modern devices:

  • Familiar experiences – With the Start Menu everyone is familiar with from the previous Windows UI experiences, Windows 10 also includes new features such as a faster, more accessible and more secure Microsoft Edge browser and live Tiles.
  • A new touch – Beyond keyboard and mouse, Windows 10 Ink lets you write your device on as if on paper, create sticky notes, draw on a whiteboard and is easily integrated into Microsoft Edge and Office.
  • Be in a secure relationship – Windows 10 is the best, most secure version of Windows ever that helps set users’ minds at ease, including Windows Hello, Windows Defender and Family feature to keep everyone safeguarded
  • More than just a good looker – Powered by the latest Intel Core processor to unleash creativity and productivity with amazing speed and performance, these devices stay with you on even hard-core tasks such as gaming, designing and video.
  • New, modern devices – Windows 10 hybrid 2-in-1 devices are flexible, portable and are compatible with your lifestyle and everyday needs.


Don’t you think it’s time to move on and get the kind of PC you deserve?

Visit http://www.yournewpclove.ph/ now to find out more!




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