USANA’s Visionex keeps young master archer Luis Gabriel Moreno’s vision sharper

He’s only 17 years old, but what he has already accomplished is something some athletes strive for and yearn to achieve for most of their careers.


Young master archer Luis Gabriel Moreno, or Gab as he’s fondly called, is hardly out of high school but has already represented his country with pride, bagging the gold medal from the Nanjing Youth Olympics for archery last year. Gab’s achievement marks the first time the Philippines has bagged such an award and recognition from the said competition. “Well, I have always set my eye on becoming part of the Olympics, representing the country, and making a mark for Philippines in global archery,” shares Gab.


And aside from his dedication and perseverance, another item in Gab’s arsenal is USANA’s Visionex. An antioxidant formula, Visionex is designed to protect the delicate tissues of the eye from photo-oxidation. It contains Lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry extract, which all work together to protect the retina. It also has Vitamin C and other nutrients help maintain the structure and integrity of the lens.


“There is no question that it is imperative for me as an archer to keep my eyes sharp,” explains Gab. “Of course the key is in being conscious about the things you do, eating the right food and taking a supplement that complements all these considerations. And Visionex does it for me.”


But there’s more to Gab than just being an archer. Gab is actively juggling his archery and schooling and there is no doubt that the hometown hero gets weary from practice and classes. “It definitely requires discipline in taking care of your body and balancing your responsibilities. Taking USANA Essentials also help in giving me the nutrients to keep up with all the responsibilities in school and training,” Gab shares.


For Gab, using perseverance, dedication, perseverance and USANA have aided his win in the Youth Olympics. These also allow him to thrive in his academic life. But more importantly, these arsenals are enough to keep him driven. “I am excited for all these opportunities and I am optimistic that we will continue to bring pride to the Philippines in succeeding competitions.” Ultimately, his dream of bringing home another glorious win after from the Rio Summer Olympics 2016 is becoming more of a possibility than just the wishful musings of a boy. [END]

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