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It’s easy to think of mom as Superwoman. Where she gets the energy to take care of the family while juggling a career,
helping the kids with school work, or organizing barbecue parties, we don’t know. But what’s even harder is finding a cool gift for such a busy body.


For the month of May, get mom something that will make her life a whole lot easier and fun at the same time: a device that runs on Windows 10.


Here’s why a Windows 10 (phone, tab, PC or laptop) gift totally rocks for mom:


No password-security, no problem

We can’t blame busy mom for sometimes misplacing the keys around the house, but it’s too much to make her remember all those complex passwords for various digital devices. Thanks to Windows Hello, the biometric security feature of Windows 10, she’ll never have to jog her memory. All she has to do is flash her eyes in front of the device and let the infrared scanning feature verify and log her in right away.  Mom will surely get a kick out of having her device “know her.”


A Multi-Tasking Assistant

Windows 10 has a sassy and efficient assistant built into it: Cortana. More than just a bot, Cortana helps out in things that really matter to mom, like helping locate a lost file, suggesting places to go, offering to buy flowers, or make travel arrangements.

Cortana gets even more interesting when you sign in with your Microsoft account. She will monitor the calendar and give reminders, as well as provide relevant information like specific news that’s important to mom.


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Never lose her phone again

So mom loses her phone every now and then. We all do – what’s new with that? If she’s on Windows 10 though she can get Cortana to locate her phone using her PC’s geo-location feature. Once Cortana spots her phone, it rings and voila! Phone retrieved in no time at all.


Do edge-y stuff on Windows Edge

The new browser in Windows 10 called Edge has inking capabilities that mom will love. Does mom like to use pen and paper or highlight on reading material? Mom can highlight or encircle items, take notes, write, type directly on the browser page and save the notes in Microsoft OneNote. That’s so much better than going the roundabout way of printing out a page and writing on it…then putting away that piece of paper or passing it on.


Lumia 950 XL: a PC in her palm

Microsoft’s flagship phone for Windows 10 helps moms who are always on the go stay connected in the smartest ways. It’s almost like putting a PC in the palm of her hand.


The Lumia 950 XL has big typing space and a wide 5.7” HD display that lets her see everything crystal clear, even under a noon day sun (the phone auto adjusts the screen’s brightness). This is good for reading articles, e-mails, or messages so she doesn’t need to squint or reach for her reading glasses.


It gets more exciting when she finds that a lot of Windows 10 apps work perfectly on the Lumia like the Windows Reading List, which lets her organize and easily find articles for later reading, or the Movie Moments app where she can edit recorded family videos.  Not least of all is the Movies & TV app that lets Mom stream her favorite soap or movie anytime with you!

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Share information seamlessly

Have you ever experienced transferring all your files from one device to another? If you hate that, don’t let mom go through it!


Imagine having mom’s photos, music, or docs move effortlessly on any Android, Windows or iPhone through the Phone Companion app on Windows 10 PCs. The updated Xbox Music app on Android and iPhone also allows for free playback of music files and playlists from OneDrive, so all of mom’s media is available to her anywhere and at any time.


People are spending more time on Windows than ever before – over 75 billion hours over 270 million active devices all over the world. It’s Microsoft’s best platform to date. So do yourself a favor and make that special woman in your life happy with a Windows 10 gift. And if you’re a mom too, it could even be the best gift you’ll give yourself.


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