SUN LOGOFilipinos are slowly becoming gadget-savvy, but not everyone can afford the latest smartphones, tablets, and laptops that come out almost on a weekly basis. Still, a lot of us can’t resist scratching that gadget itch, especially with the drool-worthy features that these new gadgets promise to offer.

Thankfully, Sun Broadband has you covered. With its latest Gadget Plans that bundle mobile devices with Internet connectivity, being the envy of your friends for owning that latest smartphone or tablet is no longer just a pipe dream.

Salivating for your very own tablet? Well, hold on to your seats because Sun Broadband’s Gadget Plans Trio 999 gives you not only one, not just two, but three devices in one affordable package. You heard that right: that’s two tablets with a Pocket WiFi device at just below a thousand bucks every month.

With Sun Broadband’s Gadget Plans Trio 999, you get to choose any two tablets from these four awesome gadget makers: the Acer Iconia B1, the Coby Kyros 8065, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, or the myPhone myPad 2, all of which have the Android power and capability to meet all your daily needs.

With two tablets at your disposal, you have all the mobile power you need to connect with friends via chat, post on your social networking profiles, or watch all the movies and TV series you fancy all day. You can give one to your significant other, let your little brother borrow the other to play Angry Birds, or keep both tabs for yourself so you can leave one at home or in the office and take the other with you wherever you go.

However, if you’re the mobile warrior type who strives to be productive every chance he gets, Sun Broadband also offers the Gadget Plans Trio 1299, which gives you the power to choose one from any of the four tablets mentioned above to be partnered with the highly capable Acer V5 laptop.

But what’s the use of a tablet or a laptop without an Internet connection? Playing games is fun, and watching videos is relaxing, but a whole lot of exciting activities await once you have a direct link to the World Wide Web.

With Sun Broadband’s Gadget Plus Trio plans, you can get consistent, fast, and reliable mobile broadband connection via a Pocket WiFi for 80 hours a month on Gadget Plans Trio 999 and 60 hours per month on Gadget Plans Trio 1299. And that’s not all—you get to share your Internet connection with four other friends, too!

So get on the tablet lifestyle and enjoy seamless and reliable broadband Internet with the Sun Broadband Gadget Plus Trio plans—the best-value tablet and laptop offers that are definitely easy on the pocket.

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