Local IT distributor Lenotech Corporation kicks off its 10th year in business by announcing the launch of the A4tech V-track mouse that will change the landscape of mouse technology with higher efficiency and better usability.

A4 Tech V-Track resolves the regular mouse’s adaptability problems of sluggish or standstill cursor when working on glossy, uneven or multi-color surfaces. It applies shorter light paths and offers high efficiency in power consumption.

“With V-Track, we managed to break the last barrier of optical engineering. Our cutting-edge mouse will raise the bar for the technology and will in turn, provide the best user-experience to the customers,” says A4tech CEO and founder Robert Cheng.

With vertical incident light utilization, V-Track increases censor control through heightened precision in all critical surfaces including glass, textiles, carpets, furs, etc.  The LED light is heavily reinforced and goes deeply into each point of the surface. The sensor then captures ever clear images and differentiates from each other, to lead the final vector value; and decides cursor direction and speed. It resolves the adaptability problems of traditional optical mice that are unable to work well on critical surfaces.

“We are privileged to have the V-track as part of our portfolio especially with its cutting edge features that will surely revolutionize the way we use the mouse. Moreover, this latest addition intensifies our capabilities in providing our end-customers with the best technologies available in the market,” says Lenotech Corporation Managing Director Elvin Cokai.

A4tech V-track Mouse is available in leading IT resellers nationwide.