Photo shows (from left) Maxicare Healthcare Corporation President & CEO Jose Pastor Puno, Maxicare Healthcare Corporation Vice President for Sales and Marketing Armi Malaluan and Maxicare Healthcare Corporation Director Rene Buenaventura during the press briefing

With its upcoming 25th anniversary in the industry, leading Health Management Organization (HMO) company Maxicare Healthcare Corporation today announced the new developments in their business and service offerings to provide one of the best, if not the best, healthcare programs to Filipinos. They are now serving more than 600,000 members nationwide.

Tracing back its beginning in 1987, Maxicare has now achieved leading status in the local HMO industry servicing 800 top corporations from various industries and over 1,700 SMEs, individuals and families all over the country.

“We have achieved great success over the years and in our upcoming 25th anniversary next year, we want to ensure that we will continue to provide the best healthcare program to our current and prospective members,” says Maxicare Healthcare Corporation President and CEO Jose Pastor Z. Puno. “This is why we have been enhancing our service offerings and upgrading our facilities.”

Good healthcare is sustainable healthcare

For Maxicare, good healthcare is defined by its sustainability. In addition to their partnership with more than 20,000 doctors and specialists, 3,500 dental providers, 950 hospitals, 11 Primary Care Centers and 7 Customer Care Centers, Maxicare has also developed specific programs for member companies, SMEs and individuals to cater to their varying health needs and varied investment capabilities. Their vast medical network continues to expand as their membership grows.

On top of their usual HMO service for corporate clients, Maxicare has innovated Maxicare Plus for SMEs, MyMaxicare for families and individuals and Maxicare EReady, the first emergency card available in the HMO industry. To give members the flexibility to avail of the products, each service is customizable according to each member’s needs and financial capital.

“These programs are designed to give almost anyone the capability to arm themselves with healthcare program – from corporate, SME and on the individual level,” remarks Puno.

New tower as symbol of credibility and strength

In addition to its more comprehensive products, Maxicare also upgraded its facilities via their new tower that houses its more than 700 employees to further enhance its healthcare products and services to its current and future members.

“We see the new tower as the ultimate symbol of the company’s continued growth and strength as a business, its sustained leadership in the local HMO industry and strengthened commitment to provide our members with the best healthcare assistance program in the industry,” says Maxicare President and CEO Jose Pastor Z. Puno.

In fact, to assure their members the peace of mind in terms of their healthcare benefits, Maxicare has made sure to be constantly financially stable and armed with the financial capital to pay its maturing obligations to its providers. In 2010, Maxicare has reported a stockholders equity of Php331 million and an earned membership fee of Php3.6 billion, thus bringing them at the helm of the HMO industry in the Philippines.

Moving forward

Puno shares that all these developments and innovations are a great way to showcase Maxicare‘s leadership and credibility as an industry standard in the Philippine HMO industry.

“As our 25th year in the industry comes near, we are optimistic that our organization will continue to work in order to help ensure that the Filipino community can arm themselves with the healthcare program that they need,” concludes Puno.

About Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation is one of the pioneers in the health maintenance organization (HMO) industry and the leading HMO in the country. Established in 1987, for almost 25 years Maxicare has been providing peace of mind through quality, cost-effective healthcare programs and unsurpassed levels of service to more than 800 top corporations, industry leaders, over 1,700 SMEs, individuals and families all over the country. More than 600,000 cardmembers enjoy the extensive medical network and nationwide presence that Maxicare provides when and where they need it.