Maxicare celebrates 25 years of continued industry dedication, innovation and leadership

Photo shows (from left) Maxicare Healthcare Corporation CEO & President Jose Pastor Puno and Vice President for Sales & Marketing Armi Malaluan

Leading Healthcare Management Organization (HMO) company Maxicare Healthcare Corporation marks its 25th anniversary this year with a strong market positioning, bullish business performance and a portfolio of innovative solutions that enable its customers to be further equipped with the best healthcare program in the country.

“We at Maxicare are ecstatic that we get to sustain a strong market position, especially now that we’re celebrating our silver anniversary in the industry,” Maxicare Healthcare Corporation President and CEO Jose Pastor Z. Puno said. He also shared that this success was made possible by sustaining and strengthening three key elements in the practice: expansive and quality medical network, financial stability and customer-centric practices.

Customer-centric perspective

Customers have always been at the forefront of Maxicare’s priority. “Providing Filipinos with the tools and assistance to cope up with the rising medical costs has always been the primary mission for Maxicare,” Puno emphasizes.

Today, current and prospective customers – both on the enterprise and consumer level – have a wide range of healthcare solutions that they can choose from. On top of this, Maxicare constantly develops innovative products that are tailor-fitted for their customers. These products, according to Puno, empower their customers on choosing the best product for them. Some examples of these are Maxicare Plus for SMEs and the new Maxicare Eready, which is an emergency prepaid card.

With these products and offerings, Maxicare has partnered and helped with a significant number of corporations and individuals over the years. To date, Maxicare is servicing more than 900 top corporations, industry leaders, over 2000 SMEs, individuals and families all over the country. “These figures are a testament to our customers’ high level of satisfaction to our services and the company’s credibility and reliability as a healthcare company,” Puno explains.

Industry Affiliations

Maxicare believes that it is best to forge as much partnerships with medical institutions and practitioners in order to effectively provide its customers with the best medical attention possible.

Today, Maxicare has one of the most extensive medical provider networks in the country. In fact, it has partnered with 27,000 accredited doctors and specialists, more than 1,000 hospitals and clinics and around 3,500 dental providers nationwide.

Maxicare also has continued to innovate in terms of its partnerships to further provide higher quality and convenience to customers. Just this year, Maxicare collaborated with The Medical City to create the hospital’s new and exclusive Maxicare Wing. The new wing will aimed to augment the hospital’s already stellar services with Maxicare’s health care programs to cater exclusively to Maxicare members. The new wing comprises of 32 new rooms that ensures no shortage for its customers.

Maxicare also sees to it that its initiatives are sustained. As such, another exclusive Maxicare wing is being instituted in one of the most prestigious hospitals in Makati and is scheduled to be operational by the end of the year.

Financial Stability

Since its inception in 1987, Maxicare has successfully progressed into becoming one of the formidable players in the local HMO scene. In fact, Maxicare has posted Php4.25B sales revenue in 2011; a 15 percent increase from that in 2010 that was at around Php3.6B. In addition, Maxicare has steadily climbed BusinessWorld’s Top 1000 Corporations from 557th in 2009 to 411th in 2010, successfully overtaking other local HMO players.

Puno shares that the company’s business model and processes, along with the dedication of its employees, have contributed to the strong financial foothold of the company in the industry. “Maxicare has always thrived to develop innovative products, execute automated processing for faster rollout and implement accessible and helpful after-sale support. These best practices have helped in fostering a healthy relationship between Maxicare and its partners and market that ultimately leads to a strong business position,” he explains.

Beyond the 25th year

As it marks its 25 years in the industry, Maxicare is still poised in sustaining its strong business performance and service offerings to the customers. “Maxicare made a commitment 25 years ago that we would stay focused and responsive to our customers’ healthcare needs, a commitment that we always keep to heart until now and well into the future,” Puno concluded.

About Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation is one of the pioneers in the health maintenance organization (HMO) industry and the leading HMO in the country. Established in 1987, for 25 years Maxicare has been providing peace of mind through quality, cost-effective healthcare programs and unsurpassed levels of service to more than 900 top corporations, industry leaders, over 2,000 SMEs, individuals and families all over the country. More than 700,000 card holders enjoy the extensive medical network and nationwide presence that Maxicare provides when and where they need it.