The latest cab-hailing app MiCab in partnership with Japanese advertising company, Hallohallo Business Inc., launches MiAds (Mobile Internet Advertising). MiAds, pronounced as “My Ads,” is a digital advertising platform with Huawei’s seven-inch, LTE-powered, Android-based tablets displays. It advertises content via tablets deployed inside the partner cab.

MiCab is set to increase partner taxis to 15,000 across 6 cities – 4,000 taxi units in Metro Cebu, 2,000 in Baguio, 1,500 in Iloilo City, 800 in Bacolod, 5,000 in Metro Manila and 2,000 in Davao City by the end of this year, and sell inventories through Hallohallo Business Inc.

Eddie Ybanez, the CEO and co-founder of MiCab, believes MiAds will help both Filipino businesses and individuals.

“MiAds will help businesses reach consumers in an unprecedented form of ‘mobile advertising’ here in the Philippines: They’ll be able to reach their target market wherever they are, when they are most open to hear from brands. And by helping enterprises, MiAds will keep MiCab affordable for consumers,” said Ybanez, who noted that – unlike other ride-hailing platforms – Micab has no surge pricing or booking fee, thanks largely to MiAds.

In a study conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Philippines ranks as the 9th country with the worst traffic in the world, while ranking 4th in Asia. MiAds effectively uses this situation to approach a certain number of passengers with digital advertisement. MiAds reaches up to 80 passengers in a day per taxi, totaling over 31 million in a month.

For advertisers, MiAds offers speed due to its digital platform, targeted reach in tapping consumers, interactive content that promotes engagement, wide reach of market and data-driven analytics. They can avail of an advertisement slot at P500 per month for a 15-second ad, repeated in 7-5-minute intervals.

“We believe that MiAds is the future of advertising. We see a lot of potential in the product and we want to use our distinct position to drive influence and make our ads matter to our audience. We recognize the opportunity of working with an innovative technology company such as MiCab to help businesses leverage on the digital advertising platform,” said Mihoko Mori, President of Hallohallo Business Inc.

MiCab caters to taxi riders, operators, drivers and businesses that offer digital enhancements made possible by mobile technology and provides income-generating opportunities. Passengers can hail taxis through MiCab app, where they can enjoy zero booking fees and absolutely no surge pricing, as these will be shouldered by the revenue earned from MiAds. MiCab is available to download for free on Google Play and App Store.

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