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To bring quality education in far-flung areas that have no electricity or connectivity, the Department of Education (DepEd) has teamed up with Microsoft Philippines  in launching the EGG – a self-contained classroom that can be transported to remote areas, generate  its own water and power system and has internet connectivity.

The EGG can accommodate more than 30 students and can be easily set up within three days and is an innovative approach that addresses the archipelagic nature of our country where delivering education to every nook and cranny is a real challenge.

A self-sustaining, fully functional learning facility, the EGG can be dropped-off by helicopter, truck, or boat anywhere in the country and can be set up by the villagers themselves.

“We believe now is the  perfect time to fully harness the power of technology and  help Filipino learners  get a 21st century education through connectivity for all and Microsoft is glad to be spearheading this initiative with DepEd.” said Karrie Ilagan, General Manager for Microsoft Philippines.

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ms deped 2The EGG is equipped with IT tools that aid both students and teachers. It can serve as an independent classroom or can be connected and stacked together with other EGGs to form clusters, pop-up classrooms, or a whole school. It has adaptive reuse and it can also be used as a storm shelter for the areas where they will be deployed.
Designed to be fully independent, the EGG generates its own power through solar panels found on top of its roof and collects rainwater that can be used to irrigate the land it is on or to be filtered as drinking water.

To further provide students with quality learning tools, the EGG is connected to the internet via TV White Space—the unused VHF and UHF TV channels that can be used to deliver broadband access over wider areas. Its excellent range and obstacle penetration characteristics make it a better option for connectivity in the provinces where schools are far away from telecommunications cell sites.

The first EGG will be launched in Bohol in July. More EGGs are expected to be deployed as DepEd looks to implement them in provinces across the country.
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