On-demand delivery platform targets appliance centers for new cargo-sharing delivery model and expands to Cebu

Mober Founder and CEO, Dennis Ng

Mober Technology PTE (Mober), the first-ever tech startup that offers an on-demand platform for same-day delivery service in the Philippines sees new opportunities with the appliance center segment and Cebu market.

It is common practice for most customers to wait 2-3 days working days before they can enjoy the refrigerator, air conditioner or plasma TV that was purchased.

Mober Founder and CEO Dennis Ng offers a new strategy to appliance centers to fill a gap that will guarantee same-day delivery and in turn make customers happy – Cargo-sharing.

“It’s all about customer experience that simply converts to improved sales. With our cargo-sharing alternative, customers have three windows to choose from to enjoy same-day delivery. This results in faster movement of stock and happy buyers,” said Ng.

A customer can choose between 12pm to 3pm; 3pm to 6pm and 6pm to 9pm to have the appliance delivered. Mober vans will be on standby and leave at the appointed departure time regardless if the van has one or multiple delivery points.

A single trip with Mober will have an initial cost of P750 for the first 5 kms. With an additional P30 per succeeding kilometer within Mega Manila – Metro Manila to outlying cities Cavite and Bulacan. With cargo-sharing, the base rate goes down to P 450 which means more savings to the customer.

Mober vans are now readily available at select SM Appliance Center outlets.

Expansion in the South

In May this year, Mober is set to expand its operations in one of the busiest metropolitan cities of the country, Cebu City.

“We see the South as a natural progression to expand our operations. There are a lot of appliance centers in Cebu that would benefit in our platform,” adds Ng.

Founded in December 2015, Mober has changed the buying behavior of the Filipino market as they now expect a same-day delivery when shopping for bulky items.

“Mober wants to set the standard in delivery and logistics. Gone are the days when you have to wait 3-4 days for your newly purchased items.” This approach further strengthens Mober’s goal to lessen the underutilized delivery vans on the road and in the long-run help ease traffic congestion.

The Mober app is available to download at the Apple Store and Google Playstore.

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