MANILA, PHILIPPINES – March 16, 2012: NComputing, the world leader in end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions for small to midsize enterprises (SME) and education, today announced the NComputing M300, an entirely new virtual desktop device that redefines what is possible in a thin client.  The M300 delivers customers a 3-in-1 device that provides a rich PC experience to 3 users simultaneously at 1/3rd the cost, using 1/3rd the power and 1/3rd the networking ports compared to PCs and other thin clients.  Customers can now deploy more computing per peso, spend less on power and facility upgrades, and manage with fewer IT resources.  Available immediately worldwide, the M300 is targeted at local workgroups from 3 to 45 users in environments like classrooms, labs, libraries, shared office workspaces, business centers and call centers.

The M300 3-in-1 thin-client is a breakthrough driven by advancements in 3 separate areas:

  • In Silicon:  The 2nd-generation Numo™ 2 System-on-Chip (SoC) delivers the performance and rich user experience like having 3 PCs on a single chip.  Within a single chip, the Numo 2 delivers three dedicated graphics, video, and user subsystems across common infrastructure like memory, I/O, and power.  This multi-tenant architecture dramatically offloads processing from the server and minimizes the infrastructure and power needed to deliver high performance computing.
  • In Device Architecture:  The M300 thin-client device leverages the Numo 2 SoC to support 3 independent users across a single Ethernet port using a single power plug.  The M300 provides full HD-video and high-resolution graphics capabilities, allowing a rich PC experience in almost every work setting.
  • In Software:  The vSpace Server software supports up to 45 concurrent M300 desktop sessions on a single consumer-class host PC.  With an extensive set of management tools, IT managers can deploy and maintain a Microsoft Windows or Linux-based environment in a fraction of the time compared to other solutions.

“NComputing delivers unmatched price performance, most optimal capabilities and is the only technology vendor to provide the entire end-to-end VDI solution” said Manish Sharma, Vice President Asia Pacific, NComputing Inc. He added, “The new 3-in-1 M300 is a game changing product and will further strengthen our leadership position in the thin client segment in Asia Pacific.“

The M300 was built to be a simple, incredibly powerful, and highly affordable thin-client deployment option.  Working in tandem with NComputing’s vSpace Server 6.6 software, the M300 3-in-1 thin client kit allows an organization to add virtual PC desktops for a fraction of the cost of a PC.  Customers can lower cost of acquisition and energy costs by more than 75%, networking costs by 67% and support costs by up to 75% ­– with no compromise in the quality of the computing experience for users.  For the M300, vSpace Server software enables up to 45 concurrent users to be hosted on a single operating system instance and on a single host computer.  An entire deployment can be measured in hours and managed by either IT professionals or those with only basic PC skills and time.  With these capabilities, the M300 3-in-1 thin-client kit multiplies the benefits of thin client computing in a virtual desktop environment.

Selected features of the M300 kit include:

  • 3-in-1 client kit for desktop virtualization using a single LAN port and a single power plug
  • Second generation Numo™ 2 SoC (System-on-Chip) provides PC-quality HD video streaming without excessive host-side processing
  • Connection over Ethernet for flexibility and performance
  • PC level performance for desktop applications
  • Seamless HD video performance (up to 720p) and multimedia experience on standard Windows or Linux environments, including YouTube and other web multimedia content
  • USB 2.0 port for peripheral support and two USB ports for mouse and keyboard
  • Microphone and audio-out to support interactive communications and recording
  • Energy-efficient?(typically 2 watts per user), compact, and reliable (no fans or disks)
  • Powerful vSpace™ Server 6.6 desktop virtualization software is included

o    Up to 45 M300-based users per host massively lowers management and overall computing costs

o    Unique Windows User Accounts for 3 to 45 M300 client devices

o    Easy to set up, maintain, manage and secure

o    Remote management software included

Like the Numo 1 SoC in the best-selling NComputing L300, the Numo 2 is powered by an A9 chip, providing extensive processing capability for graphics and HD video.  As a follow on to NComputing’s highly successful PCI-based X-Series, the M300 delivers superior graphics & HD video streaming capabilities, increases the number of users per host PC, connects at distance with Ethernet, and provides support for USB 2.0.

The M300 is available immediately, at a suggested retail price of PHP 5,600 per seat in the Philippines.

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