JaDine fans have waited a while for the next project from James Reid (@tellemjaye) and Nadine Lustre (@hellobangsie), and since they’ve announced the release date for their movie, Never Not Love You (#NNLY), netizens set their calendars instantaneously, with fan accounts working around the clock to promote the countdown on Twitter. As the preferred social media platform to share #whatshappening in Philippines’ entertainment, Twitter brings to light the dedication and commitment of fans in the Philippines and around the world for the showbiz couple. Over 700,000 Tweets have been generated since the movie premiered on March 31st.

#NeverNotLoveYou is a romantic drama film that tells the story of Joanne Candelaria and Gio Smith and how they grow together as a couple. In real life, James and Nadine wanted the movie to be as close to reality as possible; setting it apart from their previous films Diary ng Panget (2014), Talk Back and You’re Dead (2014), Para Sa Hopeless Romantic (2015), Beauty and the Bestie (2015), and This Time (2016). See below on how the conversation about the movie unfolded on Twitter around the world during the premiere day.

Heatmap by @Trendsmap

The celebrities’ close friend, musician and songwriter Bret Jackson (@KINGwAwCMM) showed his support on Twitter.

Fans were overwhelmed by the rawness and reality of the movie, which still came as a refreshing surprise to them. Tweets upon Tweets of appreciation and praise poured as quickly as the first screening showed in cinemas.

Someone also dedicated a thread to sing praises about the film.

Audiences argued that Never Not Love You is the next best film since Antoinette Jadaone (@tonetjadaone)-directed film That Thing Called Tadhana (2014).

People are also giving major kudos to director Antoinette Jadaone for being able to create such compelling movies that move the hearts of those who watch it.

The film is distributed by @VIVA_Films and is now showing across cinemas nationwide. Loved the movie? Don’t miss the buzz on #NeverNotLoveYou, join the conversation in real time. See what fans really feel about the movie in this Twitter Moment.

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