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Imagine a network that adapts automatically to improve user’s quality of experience. A network that provides paths to lower costs and new revenue streams. A network with the intelligence and visibility to identify user traffic and patterns.

Look no further. Driving that network is the world’s first 1 terabit per slot content aware routing platform – introducing the Tellabs SmartCore® 9200 Series.

Brave new world

The Tellabs SmartCore® 9200 Series is a content-aware IP edge routing platform that enables massive scaling, intelligence and flexibility to drive next-gen network demands. It enables a better quality of experience for users and new revenue-generating services for operators. Designed for both mobile and wireline networks, the platform is smart, simple, scalable and adaptable.

  • Smart: It integrates intelligence onto each line card and distributes processing across all line cards through its unique SmartCard architecture. The platform enables application and content awareness without sacrificing speed, and provides visibility for network analytics and traffic management to drive new revenue streams.
  • Simple: It consolidates network functions onto reliable, resilient all-IP architecture. This convergence simplifies troubleshooting, diagnosing and managing Layers 3 through 7 to optimize networks and deliver a better user experience.
  • Scalable: It scales logically and physically on multiple form factors. It can handle 1 terabit per slot, 11 terabits of capacity in a single chassis, and 33 terabits in a bay. The platform future-proofs networks for years to come with industry-leading capacity and scale.
  • Adaptable: It helps operators identify and adapt to high-bandwidth and high-priority applications for better network efficiencies. It enables operators to quickly add new applications and services to increase revenue streams.

“The ease-of-use and portability of communication services are changing the world quickly. Operators are challenged to predict what applications are coming and how to monetize them, while competition drives greater need for capex and opex control,” said Glen Hunt, Principal Analyst, Transport and Routing, at Current Analysis. “The new Tellabs SmartCore® 9200 Series combines routing and network visibility onto one scalable platform, so operators can achieve better network savings with a single, converged solution.”

The world is in your hands

The Tellabs SmartCore® 9200 Series will run the new Tellabs GeniOSTM operating system. Tellabs GeniOS™ operating system enables flexibility to support third-party applications, such as security and malware programs, into the platform without additional hardware. This open, state-of-the art operating system gives operators another way to integrate new revenue streams or services into the network.

The Tellabs® 8000 Intelligent Network Manager will manage the Tellabs SmartCore® 9200 Series. The Tellabs® 8000 INM, an integrated platform that already manages all Tellabs products, simplifies network management and improves profitability through operating efficiencies. Additionally, the platform supports the integration of network functions and network self-optimization to deliver an enhanced quality of experience for users.

“The Tellabs SmartCore® 9200 Series will advance smart networks to support service provider profitability and improve users’ quality of experience. It includes the Tellabs GeniOSTM operating system, a new kind of operating system that is designed for flexible, future network needs,” said Rob Pullen, Chief Executive  Officer and President, at Tellabs. “This Layer 4-7 operating system enables an open ecosystem of vendors, network intelligence and flexibility so that our customers can achieve an unparalleled level of application engineering, traffic engineering and network performance.”

Editor’s note:

Today Tellabs also announced a new Tellabs service to advance the smart mobile Internet.

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