neoMANILA, Philippines – 25 July 2013–Adding to the excitement of the continuing growth in mobile-based gadgets in the Philippines, Neo Manufacturing and Services, Inc. has unveiled its latest addition to its product portfolio – the Omnipad tablets to commemorate its 10th year anniversary.

This marks NEO’s expansion of its hardware offerings from desktop and laptop PCs to tablets, with the same high quality features at a very affordable price point.

In addition, NEO offers a first-of-its-kind warranty merchandise arrangement with customers for the Omnipad. The customer just needs to call 1-800-10-5311671 (531-1671 for Greater Metro Manila area) if they need technical support. A NEO Technical Expert will identify and troubleshoot if there are problemswith the unit. Afterwards, a pick-up schedule will be agreed upon by both the NEO Technical Expert and the customer. Within seven working days from the day of pick-up, a replacement/repaired unit will be sent to the customer.

This is the only warranty service agreement of its kind in the country, owing to NEO’s confidence in the Omnipad’s state-of-the-art and quality features.

Running on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), the Omnipad M71-3G provides a television function, which allows users to watchOmnipad M71 their favorite free-to-air channels even without cellular or network access. In addition, the Omnipad can act as a GPS receiver, specifically used for vehicle navigation.

The device offers standard Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity with a 1.2GHz Dual Core processor and 7” OMNIBright 1024×768 display. It has both front (0.3MP) and rear (2MP) cameras.

The Omnipad can also be used for calls and texts, supporting 3G, GSM-based cellular networks, with dual-SIM registration. It has built-in 1GB memory, 8GB internal storage and a Micro-SD slot, which is expandable up to 32GB.

Omnipad r72The NEO Omnipad R72 on the other handfeatures an RK2926 Cortex A9 processor, Android Jellybean 4.1 Operating System, a 512 MB memory, along with a 4 GB flash storage (expandable to 32 GB micro SD capacity), a 7-inch multi-touch LCD screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, back and front cameras, and a 3000 mAh battery.

 “We are elated and excited at achieving this milestone after ten years in the business,” said Jason Cheng, Founder, Neo Manufacturing and Services, Inc. “Entering the mobile hardware market, particularly tablets, should allow us to reach and serve a broader mass of users.”

Cheng said that adding another local brand in the manufacture and marketing of tablets is beneficial to the industry and the country.

“Above all, having a tablet under our local brand not only gives us pride and prestige but also an opportunity for us to support our rising economy,” Cheng added.

According to Cheng, the entry of the Omnipad would tap a growing market of tablet users in the Philippines.

“More and more people are using tablets for communications, Internet access for business, research, social networking, gaming, and even entertainment, such as watching movies or listening to music,” Cheng said. “It is not a fancy gadget for the niche market, it’s slowly becoming a necessary tool for everyone.”

Market studies from around the world show that mobile gadget users have grown exponentially in recent years. As such, the studies reveal that in a few years time more and more entry level Internet users will surf the Internet by only using their smartphones or tablets.

As such, NEO’s expansion to the mobile hardware market makes it responsive to its customers’ needs.

“While we continue to enhance and develop our desktop and laptop products, we see this new line of tablets as our key to the future of our business,” Cheng noted. “If a customer needs such a device, we will definitely deliver it to them at the best value for their money.”

Customers can purchase the entry level Omnipad R72 for only P3,999.00. The full-featured Omnipad M71, on the other hand, has a suggested retail price of P6,999.00.

Omnipad tablets are now available nationwide at your nearest IT retail store.