POSIBLE and GameWorks partner to revolutionize local gaming industry

In photo (L-R): Lance Uriel Pormarejo, Marketing and Business Development Manager of Blockchip Philippines, Inc. (GameWorks); Jose Maria Fajardo, CEO of Blockchip Philippines, Inc. (GameWorks); John Joseph Gabriel Puzon, President of Actionable, Inc. (POSIBLE); John Erwin Lavilles, Product Design and Development Head of Actionable, Inc. (POSIBLE).

Manila, Philippines – 6 November 2019 – Leading Filipino digital transactions provider POSIBLE and newly launched Filipino gaming platform GameWorks, recently partnered to empower the local gaming industry in the Philippines.

This partnership is seen to allow GameWorks to extend its innovative services to more gaming enthusiasts and professionals using POSIBLE’s current network of 6,000 retailers nationwide. Not only will GameWorks engage with customers online—being available on the App Store and Google Play Store—but also offline through the neighborhood sari-sari stores.

GameWorks is a comprehensive online platform that operates its own innovative tokenized gaming ecosystem. Powered by the GWX token, GameWorks allows game publishers and developers to monetize, publish, promote, secure and license their games.

The platform consists of three key applications: the GameWorks Game Central, a marketplace where players and users can find and play games in the app; the GameWorks Mobile Wallet, where publishers and players can manage, transact, and interact with each other; and lastly, the GameWorks Token Depot, where game developers and publishers can monetize their games with GWX tokens.

POSIBLE’s extensive network across the country will expand GameWorks’ territory, serving not only as a cash-in channel for GWX gamers but also making it easier for them to convert their GWX tokens into actual purchases or prizes.

GameWorks CEO, Jose Maria Fajardo says, “We are seeing great interest of Filipino gamers in a having a seamless and convenient gaming experience. This partnership with POSIBLE will enable us to cater to thousands of our customers by bringing our token literally to their doorsteps. This partnership with POSIBLE makes this happen, at the same time introducing blockchain technology to the local community.”

“Whether it’s through mobile, console, or PC, gaming is already integrated into the daily lives of many Filipinos. They are also disrupting both the local and global gaming industry, by winning international eSports competitions and creating world-class games and applications. POSIBLE recognizes this disruption by partnering with GameWorks. Not only does it give Filipino gamers access to their revolutionary platform, but it also strengthens POSIBLE’s drive to bring quality financial services to more Filipinos,” POSIBLE Co-founder and CEO, JG Puzon shares.

This latest partnership adds to POSIBLE’s wide array of products and services, brought closer to the community through its wide-reaching retailer network throughout the country.