VisionexWith the recent celebrations of the lunar new year, Pinoys are presented with a timely opportunity to set their sights to better, healthier, and brighter futures. But taking this on without any support from a reliable supplement can cause a serious toll on our bodies — with one of the most common manifestations of which is poor or dull eyesight.


As always, keeping a healthy lifestyle with a reliable vitamin supplement is what’s needed to keep ourselves going this year – especially as we keep our eye sights clear and healthy as well. And luckily, this comes easier with USANA’s Visionex, which empowers Filipinos with better health and better vision for their future.


According to the Department of Health, cataracts, errors of refraction, and childhood blindness are prevalent in the country but avoidable, hence it is important to use preventive measures to keep both your eyesight and health intact and in shape.


Vitamin A consumption is commonly linked to good eyesight with people increasing their consumption as they age believing bigger doses lead to better results. But only few know that unregulated doses actually lead to blurry vision, mental instability, dizziness, and bone pain. Having multiple sources for vitamin A and other vitamins that aid vision is healthier and more strategic for overall wellness since more vitamins carry more body benefits.


A rather untapped resource in eye health is vitamin C, along with Bilberry extract, and Zeaxanthin—all antioxidants found in Visionex.


One reported cause of vision impairment locally is refractive errors—errors in the focusing of light in the eye. Wrong focus of light, especially blue light, causes glares in the eye and usually damages the retina, the light-sensitive layer of tissue that catches the images we see.


But this can be reduced with Zeaxanthin, a nutrient mostly found in yellow corn is seen in studies to reduce the glare that damages eyes by absorbing dangerous blue light from the spectrum of colors found in any light. The body cannot produce this powerful antioxidant and can only be absorbed from its original sources such as corn, Marigold flowers, and Kale.


Meanwhile, the delicate capillaries found in the retina can be protected with the consumption of Vitamin C and Bilberry extract. Vitamin C is even suggested to lead to overall reduction of cataract formation risks as we age. The flavonoids along with the antioxidants in Visionex not only promote better eye health but also possess benefits to prevent the formation of cataracts—the leading cause of blindness in the Philippines.


With USANA’s Visionex, Pinoys who are geared to push themselves toward greater things can be confident to have a reliable supplement for their eyesight. Indeed, living your life the way you see it and want to becomes more possible with better eyesight, so protect it with Visionex. [END]

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