Sun Postpaid’s Best Value Plan 599!You are at your first job and you need to make a mark, impress your colleagues, boss, and clients. And suddenly, you cannot set a meeting or send an urgent message because you have run out of load credits. Or what if you cannot send an e-mail while you’re on the road because you have no Internet connection? Or worse, what would you do if your laptop decides to go clunky on you and you have nowhere else to finish the document that you need to send?


Would you go for something wonderful but lacking or would you prefer the practical choice that can boost your productivity? This is where making the practical choice comes in handy. Because Sun is now giving you the real upgrade at the price you can afford with the bigger and meatier Sun Postpaid’s Best Value Plan 599.


Under the new Sun Postpaid’s Best Value Plan 599, there is no need to choose if you will get a smartphone or a tablet — because you’ll get both for free! And if to make sure that you get the full upgrade needed for your first job, you also get a free Sun Pocket WiFi with 200MB of data. So gone are the days when you have to pick just one gadget to help you be armed at your first job. Make the choice with Sun and you get all three, completing all the necessary arsenal you need for your first job needs.


On top of that, you can enjoy unlimited Sun calls and texts, 250 texts to other networks, 250 MB of data allocation and Non Stop Facebook access.


So there is no need to scramble for Internet connectivity to check your schedule, set a meeting, or research on a topic that you need to get briefed about. With Sun Postpaid’s Best Value Plan 599, you can kiss your first job problems goodbye and get through the adjustments and challenges in stride!


So why settle on being wonderful, which only gets you a free smartphone? That isn’t much of a help in making a mark on your first job, is it? Sun Postpaid’s Best Value Plan 599, you get the perfect gadget package of a smartphone, tablet, and pocket WiFi, prepping you to conquer the professional world! Now that’s getting more than what you pay for!


So what are you waiting for? So head now to the Sun Shop near you and get the full upgrade of what you need. Because when you know better, leveling up will have no trade-offs.

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