SQL Server 2016

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Microsoft is at the helm of a fourth industrial revolution where data is seen to be the next electricity—changing the way we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves the same way steam, electricity, and technology did.

In an era where everyone and everything is connected by the steady and sure digitization of enterprises and even households, there is more data being created than ever before. Microsoft estimates that while we may have 10 Zettabytes of data now, we should expect having well over five times more in a little under the next four years. This exponential increase in the production of data is where Microsoft comes in with SQL Server 2016, a solution for the undeniable need of a new form of computing that can process a colossal amount of data.

The goal of any enterprise is to utilize information it receives from customers and derive insights that would drive the business. To do this, businesses must leverage new ways to access and analyze their data at optimum speed without risking the integrity of their database.


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Mission Critical Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) and Advanced Analytics

In the past, a company’s database system was only used to record transactions. Mission critical transactional applications needed to be built next to them in order to utilize the necessary information stored in them.

“In SQL Server 2016, we brought those two worlds together. We have brought the ability to analyze data at incredible speed into the transactional database so you can do mission critical transactional processing as well as mission critical intelligent analytical processing,” explained Herns Hermida, Business Group Lead for Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft Philippines.

High performance In-Memory OLTP technology in SQL Server can now be used with a significantly greater number of applications. The unique capabilities of a combination of in-memory analytics (Columnstore) with in-memory OLTP and traditional relational store in the same database achieves real-time operational analytics.

Plus, Advanced Analytics with built-in SQL Server R Services bridges the gap between data scientists and DBAs by enabling you to embrace the highly popular open source R language in SQL Server to build intelligent applications and discover new insights about your business. The SQL Server database is the best place to run Advanced Analytics because you can leverage industry leading technologies such as the In-Memory Columnstore and Parallelized R Services for fast predictive in-database analytics. SQL Server 2016 enables intelligent applications to be built by hosting analytical models in the database, while reducing complexity and overall costs by moving expensive analytic computations close to the data.


End-to-end Mobile Business Intelligence (BI)

In addition, with businesses continuously migrating to digital in an emerging mobile-first, cloud-first world, SQL 2016 provides them with the option of accessing reports and data insights through practically any device.

The demand for data access anywhere is answered through end-to-end mobile Business Intelligence.  SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 offers a modernized experience for paginated reports and updated tools as well as new capabilities to more easily design stunning documents. In coming months, new Mobile BI capabilities will be added to Reporting Services, allowing you to create responsive, interactive BI reports optimized for mobile devices.


Always Encrypted

For six years in a row, the SQL server has been the most secure database among its competitors according to Gartner Inc.  The Always Encrypted feature in SQL Server 2016, an industry-first, is based on technology from Microsoft Research and helps protects data at rest and in motion. Always Encrypted can perform operations on encrypted data and – best of all – the encryption key resides with the application in the customers’ trusted environment. It offers unparalleled security.


Stretch Database

Stretch Database enables stretching a single database between on-premises and on the cloud via Microsoft Azure. This will enable our customers to take advantage of the cloud economics of lower cost compute and storage without being forced into an all-or-nothing database move. Stretch Database is transparent to your application, and the trickle of data to Azure can be paused and restarted without downtime. You can use Always Encrypted with Stretch Database to extend data in a more secure manner for greater peace of mind.


Highest performance for a fraction of the cost

As for the popular notion that multi-functional applications come at blinding prices, the SQL Server 2016 is proven to deliver optimum performance for half the price of a lesser competitor providing all these capabilities—at the lowest cost of ownership. Microsoft does not charge separately for any of the additional performance enhancers already built into SQL 2016.

With all the necessary and mission-critical applications already built-in, businesses need not worry about constantly updating and upgrading their systems to be able to accommodate the lightning fast causal effect data has in an evolving and growing market.

Learn how you can make your business more Data Driven in a modern and highly competitive market with SQL 2016, log on to www.microsoft.com/SQLServer2016.


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