Sun Business, the corporate solutions arm of Sun Cellular, provides businesses with data and SMSun logoS connectivity to machines via the M2M Data Plans. Geared to connect machines from tracking devices, POS terminals, barcode scanners among others through data or SMS, M2M Data Plans ensures enhanced connectivity, productivity and efficiency to businesses.

M2M Data Plans are designed to address operational requirements of industries from IT, logistics, retail and system integration and banking. IT professionals can now transmit information efficiently and effectively. Logistics professionals on the other hand can secure its materials and assets through effective location tracking of delivery and cargo. Meanwhile, retail practitioners can integrate the SIM for real-time transmission from barcode scanners and POS terminal payments. System Integrators can also leverage on M2M SIM to connect security devices and fixed asset monitoring devices like infrared detectors to a central server. Banking professionals now may ensure the security of transactions via efficient data transmission in ATM units.

“Sun Business is geared to providing cost-effective means to optimize business operations and workflow in the Philippines,” says Sun Cellular Vice President for Sun Business Marketing Michele Curran. “Having M2M Data Plans in our portfolio definitely enhance businesses’ productivity and efficiency, and also ensure the security of their assets.”

Sun Business’ M2M Data Plans are available in 3 postpaid variants: GPRS connectivity, GPRS and Unlimited SMS bundle, and pure SMS for as low as P150 per month.

For more information on business solutions, log on to Sun Business’ dedicated website,, or call 395-8776. You can also check for updates by logging on to Sun Cellular’s official Facebook page: or on Twitter:

Sun Business is powered by Sun Cellular, a member of the PLDT Group.