Over a hundred Sun Cellular employees gathered to donate blood to Pediatric Cancer Patients of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. This is a bi-annual program organized by the company to help out cancer-stricken patients of the said Children’s hospital.

Sun Cellular’s Vice President for Human Resources Rowena Reloj said this particular run had a mix of regular blood donors, and first-timers. “This time, we have more first-time donors aside from the usual group of volunteers,” she said.

SundugoReloj mentioned, the blood-letting activity is meant to encourage volunteerism among employees. “It is for a good cause after all,” she says.

The PCMC has dozens of patients currently being treated by their pediatric cancer unit. Most of the patients, some of whom are newborn infants, are afflicted with leukemia, and need regular blood transfusion.

 “We thank Sun employees for regularly donating to our blood bank. This is the kind of steady support needed by the children and their families. We are once again elated with the turn-out, and surely this donation will go a long way,” says Dr. Jason Silva of the Pathology Department of the PCMC.

Sherry San Pedro, Sun Cellular’s Senior Manager for Product Development – Business Solutions is one of the regular SunDugo2blood donors, since the program started.

“The blood-letting program gave me a chance to support a good cause and be of help to cancer patients, as well as employees who may need blood transfusion. It has always been a good experience to donate blood,” she said.

According to the PCMC, apart from benefitting cancer patients, part of the total blood that will be donated will be made available to the employees and their families.