X-Play Online Games Inc. (X-Play), the joint venture company of IP E-Game Ventures Inc. (IP e-Games) and GMA New Media Inc. (GMA NMI), the digital media arm of GMA Network Inc., recently kicked off the search for the next singing sensation via Superstar, with celebrity endorser and pop star princess Sarah Geronimo at SM Manila.

Superstar is the first 3D online videoke game in the country. Essentially a massively multiplayer online casual game, making community is potentially infinite. This is an excellent pool of talent to find what could be the country’s next superstar.

With 4 basic roles in game, Singer, Judge, Stylist and Fan; the stage is set for the online talent search.

The talent search is tied up with some spectacular partners. Media giant VIVA Entertainment is one of the partners with Sarah Geronimo endorsing the competition. The grand prize for the 15 finalists is a record album and concert with Sarah. This concert is sure to be the concert of the year!

The new partnership with leading global beverage Coca Cola is bringing Superstar closer to 2.5 Million youth. This Saturday is the first of a series of mall tour auditions at 23 SM Malls nationwide.

COO for X-Play, George Royeca states, “Superstar was meant to redefine entertainment starting with this talent search. Although we began with the relative success of our initial auditions, some new things we have developed with our partners are sure to change the trends for not only online entertainment, but entertainment in general.”

Superstar Search

Talent searches are no longer what they used to be. Over the years the stakes have gotten bigger and the stage has gotten grander. Now, a new platform is being created to redefine how talent searches can run in the future.

Superstar Product Manager, Glenn Padua comments, “More than a search we took the chance to find even a superstar that didn’t think they would get spotted. Not all the methods we are using are conventional.”

The search for a superstar can happen for the aspiring contestant three ways:

  1. Auditioning Online, they can register at www.superstar.ph

2.          Through SM Mall Tours Nationwide. Each contestant will play the game in the kiosk and once their score hits 20,000 points, they will sing on stage in front of our judges. If they pass, they will go on to the semi-finals.

3.          If for whatever reasons the contestant does not make it to the auditions, there is another chance from Coca cola. Heading out to 326 barangays for the wildcard participants.

This revamp of the competition with smaller searches is determined to find the country’s next singing sensation.

Those that Audition at during the Mall Tours will represent the first draft of prospects. Once these prospects are drafted, their numbers will be narrowed down.

After the auditions Superstar will have a series of contests. A singing battle to determine which prospect will sing with Sarah Geronimo to both record an album and perform in a concert.

“We set out to be the trailblazers in the new media industry, and this event is the kickoff. The first of many steps to do it.” George Royeca.

To learn more about Superstar, visit www.superstar.ph.

For information on IP e-Games and X-Play, visit www.e-games.com.ph and www.xplay.com.ph.

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