Do more this season with Microsoft’s coolest flagship phone, the Lumia 950 XL

Lumia Summer

Summer is finally here!

Returning with the promise of fun-filled vacations, it beckons to those who’ve been working hard and are planning to party harder.

To millennials and millennial-minded explorers, business and pleasure are part of the summer party mix—days are juggled between the office and the next entertainment destination effortlessly. Sometimes work is incorporated into play and vice versa but millennials have mastered the art of multitasking hence the need for a device that can truly keep up with the flurry of activities they engage in


Summer-ready Specs 

You. Do. Not. Need. Your PC. At the beach at least, and that’s final.


Large screen and gorgeous displayLumia 950 XL

You may have to catch up on a couple of work-related emails throughout your vacation but you can’t be opening your laptop as you sunbathe now would you?? Ditch the notebook, even the tablet because now, all you need is your phone. Running on Windows 10, the Lumia 950 XL gives you the same look and feel of using Office apps on your desktop. Access Outlook with ease and edit your documents through Word, Excel, and PowerPoint among the other Office solutions available.


Don’t worry about having to look for shade so you can see your phone better under the summer sun, the Lumia 950 XL’s Gorilla OLED glass display isn’t just for protection, it’s also for show. Showing you your messages with better resolution, that is.


Effortless Productivity with Continuum

5.7” display and Phone keyboard still too small?

Lumia ContinuumPower up your phone and use it like a PC by connecting it to a screen with an HDMI port, keyboard, and mouse. It’s easy and hassle-free!

Trust us when we say Continuum and Cortana are your new best friends.

With Continuum, take your work anywhere and everywhere with you uninterrupted; now you can take calls while playing mobile games or watching movies. You don’t have to choose between taking pictures of your vacay and hearing where the next summer getaway is from your friends.



Your best travel buddy

Lumia influencer - Chris RoxasIf you can’t figure out which destination to hit next, let Cortana surprise you with her kick-ass suggestions.

Cortana is your digital personal assistant, ask her anything. But she’s no Lumia Cortanabrowser! She’s like your secretary with her own notebook, keeping your memos and reminders—ask her to wake you up at 8 in the morning for a concert you don’t want to miss, she’s got your back (and your notes, and your seat number, and your schedule)!

The more you talk to her, the more she’ll know you better, so that the next time you need a place to chill, she knows exactly what you like.

Cortana’s quick answers to your questions are handy in every situation.

Experiencing an unexpected cancellation of plans? Ask Cortana where the next best beach is and tell her to invite your friends for the best summer outing ever


Capture Beautiful Photos this Summer

Of course, no summer will be spent without pictures being taken every moment, and with Filipinos known to enjoy taking pictures as much as they enjoy the vacation itself a powerful camera is a must at every trip.

Lumia ChrisThe powerful 20-megapixel main camera of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL is the best for outdoor settings no matter how dark or bright the lighting is—pictures always come out crystal clear.

Videos are also in high quality with its UHD 4k video recording capabilities that don’t blur out videos even while recording fast motions like jet skiing or sky diving.


Selfie lords won’t also have to worry about their photos as the Lumia units are well equipped with wide-angle 5-megapixel front cameras that are also great for groufies!


Hello, summer!

And while summer fun is the anthem of your vacation, don’t miss shooting a single moment because you took too long7entering your phone’s security PIN. Security is a not a problem with Windows Hello, the new built-in security features of the
Lumia 950 XL. Unlike the usual security PIN or thumb scanner, Windows Hello just wants 8you to look at it. The iris scanner built into the front camera of the Lumia is well equipped
to determine your unique eye features—no one else can access your phone through a stolen PIN or a fake thumb print so you can be sure that whatever is in your phone, stays in your phone.

Plus, get this: your Lumia can still tell it’s you even with your shades on!

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 Apps to add to the fun

But what if you want to play with your phone a bit yet hate the experience you get with the mobile version of your usual apps?

The Lumia doesn’t even let you worry about app interface, the experience you get using them on your desktop is the same experience you get in mobile.


Lumia minecraftEver heard of Minecraft? Of course you have! Chill with the world’s most popular building game now made available and lag-free on your phone. Build a fort, protect said fort from monsters, build another fort, the possibilities are endless! But don’t forget to make time away from the virtual world to have fun with friends and family in the real world. Let the Lumia take care of your lifestyle with the wide array of productivity apps in the Windows Store.

Lumia - perfect weatherUse Perfect Weather Universal to keep yourself updated on whether you’ll be needing that umbrella against the sun, or the rain.

Check forecasts for slight drizzles or the chance of traffic being affected by heavy torrents of rain.  rain. Yeah, summer drizzles, we know.

Lumia Wunderlist

Get Wunderlist to keep a digital checklist of all the things you need prepared for any vacation and never deal with tri-colored arms because you left your sunblock at home ever again.


Lumia Health app

Remember your Holiday bulge? Summer is the perfect time to melt that down through activities and (dare we say it) exercise. Keep track of your activities and how active you really are with the Microsoft Health app.


Pictures? That’s old school. Share snapshots of your insane cannonball with video posts that don’t take too long to upload and watch. Complement the Lumia’s powerful camera with the Hyperlapse app and compress your hour-long yet super cool videos into short yet equally cool time lapse features!


With a gadget as great as multitasking as you in your summer arsenal kit, regardless if you spend your breaks in vacations or staycations, the Lumia 950 XL is the perfect companion for people who know they want to achieve more while multiplying their me time by dividing their work time.

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