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Global, award-winning nutrition company USANA Health Sciences proves its dedication to provide safe purchasing choices to its consumers by bagging the “Stamp-of-Approval” from, a leading provider of independent testing, for four of its products.


“USANA welcomes the opportunity to have a reputable third-party institute test its products so we can demonstrate that our products are the highest quality,” says Dan Macuga, chief communications officer. “This seal of approval gives our products higher credibility by proving the claims we’ve been making for 22 years.”’s study included USANA® EssentialsTM (Daily supplement of Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral for adults), UsanimalsTM (Daily multivitamin to support development for children 2-12), BabyCare Prenatal Essentials (Daily nutrition to safely support the health of mother and baby), Body RoxTM  (Daily vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplement for teenagers).


The new recognition complements USANA’s long-standing Potency Guarantee on every supplement. This guarantee confirms that what is in the label is in the product. To provide this guarantee, USANA tests for the Quality (meets all specified expectations), Strength (offers the proper concentration of ingredients), Composition (contains exactly what it’s supposed to, in exactly the right proportions), Identification (ingredients in the product are verifiably the ingredients on the label), and Purity  (free from impurities or contamination).


Moreover, USANA shared a few guidelines to help guide consumers in making safe purchasing choice. Consumers should find  a company that carries a potency guarantee, ensuring that what is defined on the label is actually in the product. It would also help to explore companies that model their product development after Good Manufacturing Practices. It is likewise highly recommended to research which supplement companies operate in an FDA-registered facility, following the FDA’s highest possible standard for manufacturing.


“USANA has three main concerns when it comes to making its supplements: quality, safety and efficacy,” says Dr. John Cuomo, executive director of product development and technology. “Which is why we pride ourselves on strictly using the highest quality ingredients when manufacturing our supplements.”


Prior to this new batch of products with were cited by, USANA’s CoQuinone® 30, Active Calcium™, Vitamin D and USANA® Probiotic have also received the seal of approval from the same organization earlier in 2015. [END]

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