Another Valentine’s Day has passed and the internet was filled not only of cheesy pictures of chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals (that are probably on sale at Blue Magic), but with kilig and hugot stories that speak to every Pinoy’s heart.

In a country with citizens as affectionate and caring as the Filipinos, Valentine’s Day truly brings out their creativity in expressing their love (and hugot) about this fateful day of hearts.

We rounded up some of those creative, witty, and inspiring tweets:


1. Get you a guy who sends flowers and the right card


2. The only Valentine’s lunch date that matters


3. You say “Wala” I say “Pero meron! Meron!


4. “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative”


5. +1000 points to this guy for listening and paying attention


6. Ex-who??


7. Love wins ??????

8. There’s a lot going on on February 14


9. Who needs a date? Not this guy.


How about you? How did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day?

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