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Ang Bandang Shirley

Screencap from And Bandang Shirley’s video

Ang Bandang Shirley (@thebandshirley) drops ‘Alam Mo Ba? (Ang Gulo)’ video online after its premiere last May 19 at 123 Block, Mandaluyong. The music video stars Elisse Joson (@ElisseJoson) and is directed by JP Habac (@jphabac). Watch the video here.


Citizen Jake by Mike de LeonAfter an 18-year hiatus, Mike De Leon is back with noir crime drama film Citizen Jake, starring Atom Araullo (@atomaraullo). #CitizenJake racked up praises and attention on Twitter with 11 million impressions on its first week at the mainstream showing. Rappler’s Leni Velasco wrote, “The beauty of Citizen Jake is that it flaunts the ugly – this disturbing need for all of us to question our own truths. As my brother pointed out, while art is supposed to “show, don’t tell”, Citizen Jake “shows us, tells us” not really discreetly but rather too bluntly, then “asks us”.”






Screen capture from ABS-CBN’s video

In the gripping scene, Guidicelli’s character Lakam escapes from villain Sarimaw (played by Ryan Eigenmann), by doing “pamatay na galawan (killer moves)” which transported him to safety. The Twitterverse couldn’t help but snicker at the sight of Guidicelli dancing with a serious face. Tweets reached 1.5 million impressions and #BAGANIAngDaan and “Lakam” trended by the end of the episode.


Houston Rockets versus Golden State Warriors

Screen capture from re Baldwin aka DreAllDay’s video

NBA (@NBA) Playoffs 2018: Houston Rockets won Game 5 against Golden State Warriors in Western Conference Finals. Rockets recovered from a 12-point deficit in the fourth quarter of Game 4 on Tuesday night, beating the Golden State Warriors at 98-94 in Game 5.

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